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For Just �4.00 per Session......Tan your way to a
Brighter Smile!
Simply apply before a tanning session ! Hollywood whites is applied just before your UV session, then all you have to do is tan your way to whiter teeth!

The quick and easy way to whiten your teeth while you tan. Hollywood Whites� ergonomically designed mouthpiece with the "Original" bite-strip fits the natural contour of your mouth, offering maximum comfort and improving your tan. Simply apply whitening gel and insert the mouthpiece and you're 20 minutes away from a brighter smile!

Hollywood Whites� Teeth Whitening System utilizes only the highest quality, 21% carbamide peroxide gel. NOT hydrogen peroxide which is illegal for use in the UK in certain common concentrations. Unlike syringes, our pre-measured doses take the mess and guess-work out of your teeth whitening experience.

How long will the results last?

Your teeth will stay noticeably whiter for up to a year, however, variables like your age, diet, and individual tooth structure will affect the results

Does it work on dental restoration?
(fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding, or bridgework)

Hollywood Whites was specifically developed to whiten natural tooth enamel. Therefore, this system will not whiten or alter any dental restoration.

What happens if the bleaching gel is swallowed?

 Hollywood Whites formula is nontoxic. Like anything else, "too much of anything is not good." Try to avoid swallowing when possible.

How often to use?

 For most people, completing a 5 gel kit within the first 1 or 2 weeks will give noticeable results. Any additional desired whitening effect can be maintained with "Periodic Touch Ups."

Are there any side effects?

A few people will experience increased sensitivity or minor gum irritation. These symptoms will diminish if you discontinue use for a few days. The Hollywood Whites dental whitening gel contains natural mint oil for a pleasant flavour, and is pH balanced to reduce, and in most cases eliminate any sensitivity that might be experienced.


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