Luxurious Elemis Spa Facials

Facial Therapy
Skin Specific Facials

Fruit Active Glow:

"Bringing back the glow to a lifeless complexion"

Skin is deeply cleansed and stimulated by specialist Eastern massage techniques, whilst powerful conditioning actives nourish and renew vital radiance to a lifeless complexion.

Exotic Moisture Dew:

"Treat your skin to a moisture boost"

Following a specialist facial massage Your skin is fed with thirst quenching actives that will bring back that healthy, dewy look to dry or sensitive skin

Herbal Lavender Repair:

"For perfect restoration of skins balance"

Deep cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine pores and treat problematic skin breakouts.

50 minute Skin Specific Facial                                                                                                                                                                                                                               £30
(Recommend 1 facial every 2 weeks)

 Advanced Facials 
Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing:

Natural alternative therapy to Microderm-abrasion A series of Tri-Enzyme formulas,actives and moisturisers massaged into the skin enhance the non abrasive exfoliation process also accelerates the skins natural exfoliation resulting in up to 75% Visible Resurfacing & up to 32% increased Smoothness after just 1 session.

75 minute Resurfacing Facial
(Recommend 1 facial every 3 weeks)
Oxygen Skin Calm:

Immediate comfort for sensitive, stressed skin and also men�s shaving irritation. Silk Mask, calming massage and Absolute Skin Calm Booster Serum help rebalance delicate complexions.
 S.O.S. Purifying: For congested skin. Japanese Sulphur Mask with Absolute Vita-C Booster Serum helps absorb sebum, and rebalance oil rich pores leaving matt complexion.

75 minute Advanced Facial 
(Recommend 1 facial every 4 weeks)
Visible Brilliance:

 Natural alternative to Electrical face lifting treatment. Instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps the skin whilst helping to reduce dark circles. Up to 38% increased Skin Moisture & up to 28% increased Elasticity after just 1 session.

75 minute Advanced Facial 
(Recommend 1 facial every 4 weeks)
Pro-Collagen Marine:

Brush away time. Special Massage combined with the Japanese Silk Mask and Pro-Collagen Serum maximises penetration of the famous collagen boosting Padina Pavonica.

75 minute Advanced Facial 
(Recommend 1 facial every 4 weeks)
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